Ship your next AI Powered mobile app fast with Flutter!

The Flutter Saas Boilerplate which includes Authentication, Onboarding, In-App Purchases, Paywalls, Securing API Key in backend, Cloud Database, Analytics, Github Actions , Settings and much more..

Let's be real

Creating a mobile application from scratch is tedious.

6 hrs developing beautiful user interfaces with Flutter

+ 6 hrs setting up authentication (Supabase/Firebase)

+ 4 hrs to handle Revenue Cat Integration

+ 2 hrs for SEO tags

+ 1 hr applying for Google Oauth

+ 3 hrs for Github CI/CD

+ 2 hrs setting up Sendgrid for emails

+ ∞ hrs overthinking...

= 40+ hours of headaches

Supercharge your app instantly, launch faster, make $$$

Effortlessly integrate user logins, process payments, and automate emails. Focus on what truly matters—building your startup. Our extensive Flutter boilerplate code equips you with everything needed to launch quickly. From user interface design to backend functionalities like Firebase Authentication, OpenAI integrations, and RevenueCat for monetization, we've got you covered.

Flutter Frontend

Flutter Frontend

Develop beautiful user interfaces with Flutter

Time Saved : 8 hrs

Firebase Backend

Firebase Backend

All things Firebase

Time Saved : 4 hrs



Explore different APIs from OpenAI

Time Saved : 8 hrs

RevenueCat Integration

RevenueCat Integration

Monetize your app with RevenueCat

Time Saved : 7 hrs

TypeScript Backend

TypeScript Backend

Build backend services with TypeScript

Time Saved : 9 hrs

GitHub CI/CD

GitHub CI/CD

Streamline your development workflow

Time Saved : 4 hrs

Mixpanel Analytics

Mixpanel Analytics

Understand user behavior and engagement

Time Saved : 6 hrs

SendGrid Emails

SendGrid Emails

Effortlessly send transactional emails

Time Saved : 4 hrs

Time for your development saved: 50 hours ~ (3 Weeks)

Sahil Maheshwari - Founder of FlutfastHey, it's Sahil 👋

In 2022, I started my coding journey and ended up getting a job

I ended up working in multiple startups of different industry and experience.

And I ended up realizing that I was doing the same thing over and over: creating Intro screens, onboarding experience, adding a layout for users, working on backend:

  • Save time and focus on what matters: building a business
  • Avoid headaches like emails ending in spam or handling Stripe subscriptions
  • Get profitable fast—the more you ship, the more you learn, the more you earn
Transparent Pricing

Explore Our Pricing Plans

Discover the pricing options available for FlutFast. We offer flexible plans to suit your needs. Take a look below to find the perfect fit for you.


$ 60$ 120


X Code and Android Project

All UI Components

Access to 4 screens


Lifetime access

Authentication (Firebase)



$ 95$ 190


All in Starter package plus:

Lifetime Updates

Push Notifications

Node Typescript Backend

Tutorials, Documentation and Pro Tips

In App Purchases

Native Screen, Inline Links and utility logger classes

Open AI Integration


$ 200$ 400


All in Premium package plus:

Weekly Support Call for development for a month

Priority Development for Feature Requests

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about FlutFast? Find answers to common queries here. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to reach out to us.

FlutFast is a comprehensive Flutter development framework, providing ready-made boilerplate code and a collection of pre-built components to expedite your app development process. It simplifies setup hassles, allowing you to focus on building unique features for your Flutter applications.

Absolutely! FlutFast is designed for flexibility. You can easily customize the pre-built components to match your app's design and functionality requirements. The modular structure ensures easy integration and modification.

Yes, indeed! Whether you're just starting with Flutter or you're an experienced developer, FlutFast is designed to cater to all levels of expertise. It streamlines the development process, making it accessible and efficient for everyone.

FlutFast is actively maintained and updated to meet the evolving needs of the Flutter community. Stay informed about new features and updates by following our official documentation, release notes, and announcements on our dedicated communication channels.

Certainly! FlutFast provides a modular structure that facilitates seamless integration with third-party services and APIs. You can easily incorporate external functionalities into your Flutter app while leveraging FlutFast's foundation.

You can reach me out at and also at @TalkinIdeas on X. I am always working on the project so I would get back to you within a day.

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